Chicken Tic-Tac-Toe

I’m currently taking the free Harward CS50 Introduction to Computer Science course and built a chicken tic-tac-toe for the scratch assignment. Tic-Tac-Toe was one of the first things I programmed in university and is now my go-to project when trying out new programming languages and frameworks.   Team: Just me Art & Sound: Scratch library … Read more

EXIT 2 – The Trial of the Griffin

A collaboration with publisher United Soft Media. Puzzle adventure for iOS, Android, and Steam, based on the award-winning EXIT – The Game® board game series.     Genre: Puzzle Platform: Android/iOS and Steam Artstil: 2D with 3D items Engine: Unity 3D Year: 2022-2023   The second digital adaptation of the series invites players to the … Read more

A Jesters Tale

A Jesters Tale is a small rhythm game/RPG prototype that I had the pleasure to contribute to at the first Nementic Game Jam. The player character is a jester whose goal is to entertain the king. He will play for simple townspeople, at taverns or larger cities on his journey.   I will not upload … Read more


This is the prototype of an interactive learn-app for children created at the cultural hackathon ‘Coding da Vinci Süd 2019’ (Link). It transfers the lithographs of the state museum Würtemberg about craftspeople of the 19. century into an app. The goal of the historic pictures was to explain the  crafts and there tools to children. … Read more


A girl eavesdropping a conversation of adults.

– What Remains of Edith Finch meets 13 Reasons Why. – Vices is the prototype of a story focused adventure for desktop.     Genre:  Adventure with focus on the story Platform: PC Artstil: 2D paper look Engine: Unity 3D, Articy   Team: 2 Coder (1 Artist)*   *Becase our artist was indisposed, we took … Read more

Procedural Building Generation

A short teaser about my bachelor thesis with the titel: Generierung und Evaluierung abwechslungsreicher Gebäudekomplexe (Generation and evaluation of diverse buildings)   The object of the thesis was to develop an algorithm, that generates diverse/interesting buildings via an evaluation function.   The buildings are compost of fassades and  rooms, which are all accessible from the … Read more

Demolition Disaster

Bild des Titels und 3 Charaktere des Spiels.

Demolition disaster is a fast-paced local multiplayer battle arena.   Genre: Lokale Multiplayer Battle-Arena Platform: Windows Artstil: 3D Comic Engine: Unity 3D   Team: 3 Coder 6 Artist Year: 2016 Duration: 6 Wochen Experience: 3. Semester, Projektphase   Download from IndiDB:   Summary:   In Demolition Disaster can fight up to 4 players in … Read more