I'm currently taking the free Harward CS50 Introduction to Computer Science course and built a chicken tic-tac-toe for the scratch Read more
A collaboration with publisher United Soft Media. Puzzle adventure for iOS, Android, and Steam, based on the award-winning EXIT – Read more
Search Training is a medical VR application that trains hemianopsia patients to compensate for their vision loss with eye movement Read more
A mobile adaption of the classic 'Das verrückte Labyrinth' by Ravensburger.   Genre: Puzzle Platform: Mobile (android, ios) Artstil: 3D Read more
I'm really happy to announce that the Museum der Alltagskultur (museum of everyday culture) in Waldenbuch added Craftspeople to their Read more
A Jesters Tale is a small rhythm game/RPG prototype that I had the pleasure to contribute to at the first Read more


Let's delve into the nuanced distinction between complicated and complex. While these terms might initially appear interchangeable, it's crucial to Read more
Even if you're not explicitly working with multi-threading, Unity's internal processes might be, and it's crucial to be able to Read more
Have you ever wondered why controller input isn't supported by the scroll rect? This is a question that crosses my Read more
During a demo project at the MD.I Hub for an automotive client, I combined the Oculus Rift (VR headset) with Read more
Sometimes you need to load assets in the editor without the comfort of a direct reference. Assets are loaded using Read more
Have you ever wondered what makes code "dirty," what refactoring entails, and why there are no silver bullets in programming? Read more
In a nutshell: steer clear of OnTrigger callbacks when it comes to managing caches.   By caches, I'm referring to Read more
Improving the inspector in Unity can have significant benefits for game development efficiency and workflow.   An organized and easy-to-read Read more
Before we talk about antialiasing, we must discuss the problem it tries to solve. It's called aliasing and is generated Read more
I really like reading in general but especially reading technical books. In contrast to digital content, a book must pass Read more
Sometimes there is an animated gameObject which mustn't stop animating or its state breaks. If it should continue off-screen you Read more
"Events are evil!" is a common opinion among Unity developers. What are the reasons behind this statement and are interfaces Read more
Ever checked an object for null and it didn't work? Computers do precisely what you tell them to do -> Read more
Problem The CreateAssetMenu attribute is handy if you want a quick way to instantiate scriptable objects.  But it falls short Read more
One constraint of articulation bodies is that they lose their physics state if their hierarchy changes. This behaviour manifests as Read more
The system was integrated for industry applications like realistic physic simulations for robotics or the training of neural networks. But Read more
I'm currently playing around with articulation bodies which were introduced in 2020.1. Some parts of the feature are still buggy Read more
There is a wide range of shaders for visual effects in games. Since the release of Shader Graph, the creation Read more
I played around with my Arduino starter kit and read a few pages in Making Embedded Systems (more on it Read more
So you want to build a rhythm game. A game that has elements moving in sync with the beat of Read more
Can you have dynamic eyes that react to the environment but at the same time use frame-by-frame animation for the Read more
Problem Do you ever think "The GameObject setup is so weird, it should be documented" but then don't do it? Read more
I always liked to spend time with my dad in his electrical workshop. He is a radio engineer and built Read more
Unity's default gizmos are essential for visual debugging but can only be drawn in world space. This restriction can be Read more
One evening when I was engaged in playing D&D with my friends I realized that we had a hard time Read more
Unity's random seems like a straightforward to use and easily accessible function. It is helpful when dealing with procedural generation Read more
GDD is the abbreviation for game design document. The GDD is written and maintained by the game designer. It describes Read more
  If you build a game in Unity you will need a few UI screens to guide your player. The Read more
 I will show two examples of custom editors I implemented in production to enhance our workflow with generated data.  The Read more
Converting between the different coordinate systems of the Unity UI can be the key to a lot of cool custom Read more
Lately, you see a lot of blog posts and news about mixed reality. This reminded me that I wrote a Read more
Today I want to show you, how you can save reliably on the sd card/external storage. This will only work Read more
A short teaser about my bachelor thesis with the titel: Generierung und Evaluierung abwechslungsreicher Gebäudekomplexe (Generation and evaluation of diverse Read more