Procedural Building Generation

A short teaser about my bachelor thesis with the titel:

Generierung und Evaluierung abwechslungsreicher Gebäudekomplexe

(Generation and evaluation of diverse buildings)


The object of the thesis was to develop an algorithm, that generates diverse/interesting buildings via an evaluation function.


The buildings are compost of fassades and  rooms, which are all accessible from the front door via doors and stairs.



If you are interested and speak german, you can read my bachelor thesis here: Generierung_und_Evaluierung_abwechslungsreicher_Gebäudekomplexe



Examples of my generation approach can be seen in the videos below.

I added the delay between the steps  to make the individual steps of the algorithm better visable. The algorithm can generate a complett building in a few seconds.


The generation:




The finished fassade of the building:




The generated interior of the building:



More buildings: