Complicated vs. Complex

Let’s delve into the nuanced distinction between complicated and complex. While these terms might initially appear interchangeable, it’s crucial to discern their subtle differences. To establish a foundation, let’s turn to the definitions provided by the Merriam-Webster dictionary:   Complex: Composed of two or more parts Hard to separate, analyze, or solve Complicated: Consisting of … Read more

Unity: Callbacks and Multi-Threading

Even if you’re not explicitly working with multi-threading, Unity’s internal processes might be, and it’s crucial to be able to recognise a threading problem when you encounter it. Unity can execute your code on other threads and this might cause multi-threading-related issues in your code.   Unity employs multi-threading in the serialization, build process and … Read more

Unity: Scroll Rect Controller Input

Have you ever wondered why controller input isn’t supported by the scroll rect? This is a question that crosses my mind every time I work on UI with controller support. Most of the UI components don’t support controller input apart from navigation. While Unity offers a lot of default functionality, there are instances where the … Read more

Unity: Load Assets in Editor

Sometimes you need to load assets in the editor without the comfort of a direct reference. Assets are loaded using the AssetDatabase and it can be done by Instance ID The instance ID is visible at the top of the inspector when the inspector debug mode is active.   Beware, the instance ID  survives enter/exit … Read more

Programming Glossary

Have you ever wondered what makes code “dirty,” what refactoring entails, and why there are no silver bullets in programming? I’ve compiled a glossary with brief explanations to help you gain an overview of some of the perplexing phrases often used by programmers. If something is missing that you’d like to see explained in the … Read more

Unity: Don’t Cache in OnTrigger

In a nutshell: steer clear of OnTrigger callbacks when it comes to managing caches.   By caches, I’m referring to any collection that monitors the objects within the collider. These callbacks prove unreliable, and Unity currently has no plans to address this behaviour in the immediate future.   There’s no assurance that you’ll consistently receive … Read more

Unity: Better Inspector

Improving the inspector in Unity can have significant benefits for game development efficiency and workflow.   An organized and easy-to-read inspector layout can provide quick access to game objects, components, and properties, making it simpler to identify and modify different elements of the game without having to navigate a cluttered and confusing interface.   In … Read more

What’s Antialiasing and Why is it Blurry?

Before we talk about antialiasing, we must discuss the problem it tries to solve. It’s called aliasing and is generated by improper sampling.   Aliasing The term originates in the field of signal processing. In computer graphics, it describes a variety of ugly artefacts and image flaws created by improper sampling. Staircase-like artefacts that appear … Read more

Book Recommendation: Algorithm Design

I really like reading in general but especially reading technical books. In contrast to digital content, a book must pass a technical review before publication. This ensures to a certain degree that the content is good or at least not entirely wrong.   When searching for information online you must always ensure that you are … Read more

Unity: Animator State Lost?

Sometimes there is an animated gameObject which mustn’t stop animating or its state breaks. If it should continue off-screen you can set the Culling Mode of the animator to Always Animate.   But sometimes that’s not enough. When you disable an animator in the mid of an animation, it’s most likely stuck the next time … Read more