Demolition Disaster

Demolition disaster is a fast-paced local multiplayer battle arena.


Genre: Lokale Multiplayer Battle-Arena

Platform: Windows

Artstil: 3D Comic

Engine: Unity 3D



  • 3 Coder
  • 6 Artist

Year: 2016

Duration: 6 Wochen

Experience: 3. Semester, Projektphase


Download from IndiDB:




In Demolition Disaster can fight up to 4 players in an post-apocalyptic arena. You can choose between 4 unique characters and fight explosive 4-minute fights. A death is not tragic, you will instantly respawn and continue the fight!  You can shield-dash your opponents and shoot hovercraft projectiles right bevor you finish them off with your ultimate.


In-Game Screenshot des Spieles.
In-Game Screenshot of a fight. Your match will be displayed as splitt-screen.