– What Remains of Edith Finch meets 13 Reasons Why.

Vices is the prototype of a story focused adventure for desktop.



Genre:  Adventure with focus on the story

Platform: PC

Artstil: 2D paper look

Engine: Unity 3D, Articy



  • 2 Coder
  • (1 Artist)*


*Becase our artist was indisposed, we took a lot of free art from the web and adapted it (2D graphics, 3d models, animations, etc.). I wrote a crumbled-paper-texture generator to make it easier for us to let the assets look like they belong together.


Jear: 2017

Duration: 6 weeks

Experience: 6. semester



Vices is the playable biography of Sally Blake, a young woman that sees no way out. While Sally is in hover between life and death her family tries to understand the reasons for her actions. The player will re-experience Sally’s suffering in the shape of 5¬† fairy tales that Sally wrote down as part of her psychotherapy. The aim of the gameplay is to support the story and give the player the chance to put oneself in Sally’s position and to experience the feeling of catharsis.