Unity: Google Drive + Asset Bundles for D&D

One evening when I was engaged in playing D&D with my friends I realized that we had a hard time remembering the names of the characters and cities we encountered. And it would enhance our experience if we knew them and not fall back to asking our game master all the time.   The idea … Read more

Unity: Why Random.Range is Dangerous

Unity’s random seems like a straightforward to use and easily accessible function. It is helpful when dealing with procedural generation and AI behavior because the seed can be fixed to repeat the behavior. So it seems. But this is not always the case. UnityEngine.Random can case intricate timing bugs. These bugs are hard to track … Read more

GDD Example

GDD is the abbreviation for game design document. The GDD is written and maintained by the game designer. It describes all game features in detail and is the go-to document for the development team. Sometimes it is also used as the basis for a publisher contract because it states all features that will be implemented. … Read more

Unity: UI Workflow Improvement

  If you build a game in Unity you will need a few UI screens to guide your player. The number of canvases will increase with the complexity and size of your project.   The canvases and the UI graphics will start to clutter your scene view because canvases are not moveable. This leads to … Read more

Unity: Custom Editor Examples

 I will show two examples of custom editors I implemented in production to enhance our workflow with generated data.  The examples are from the game ‘Space Shop VR‘. It is about a shop in space that sells different items to aliens. The clue is that all aliens speak different languages and the VR player must … Read more

EXIT 1 – The Curse of Ophir

Won the Pädagogischer Medienpreis 2022 (educational award). Nominated for ‘Best Mobile Game’ at the Deutscher Entwickler Preis 2021.   A collaboration with publisher United Soft Media. Puzzle adventure for iOS and Android, based on the award-winning EXIT – The Game® board game series.       Genre: Puzzle Platform: Mobile – Android/iOS Artstil: 2D with … Read more

Unity: UI Space Conversion

Converting between the different coordinate systems of the Unity UI can be the key to a lot of cool custom UI and input features. You can basically convert every point in all coordinate spaces available with a few simple math functions. There are three different spaces:   Screen Space This is the space in which … Read more


A mobile adaption of the classic Memory® game by Ravensburger.   Genre: Puzzle Platform: Mobile (android, ios) Artstil: 3D Engine: Unity 3D   Year: 2020 Duration: 5 month   My Part: Complete UI and menus Device orientation handling Screen fitting of 3D elements Card layouts Music system   The family game memory® has thrilled players … Read more

Ubongo for Nintendo Switch

The digital adaption of the board game Ubongo for Nintendo Switch.     Genre: Puzzle Platform: Nintendo Switch – exclusive Artstil: 2D Engine: Unity 3D   Core Team: Producer 2 Game Designer Technical Artist 2 Programmer 3 Artist Sound and Music Designer   Year: 2019-2020   Duration: 4 month My Part: Ubongo-board generation UI and … Read more

Requirements of ‘Mixed Reality’ with an unknown environment

Lately, you see a lot of blog posts and news about mixed reality. This reminded me that I wrote a scientific paper about mixed reality in university (30.11.2017). It’s about the requirements of mixed reality games with an unknown environment for the game design. The German title is ‘Game Design: Anforderungen von Mixed Reality mit … Read more