Unity: Articulation Body Documentation

I’m currently playing around with articulation bodies which were introduced in 2020.1. Some parts of the feature are still buggy or not completely implemented yet. Especially the spherical joint seems to exhibit a lot of bugs that crash Unity’s physics system and should be avoided at the moment.   Because the feature is so new … Read more

Private Variables and LEDs

I played around with my Arduino starter kit and read a few pages in Making Embedded Systems (more on it here). Now I am ready to blink the built-in LED of my board. My first approach looked like this: #define LED LED_BUILTIN void setup() { SetupLED(); } void loop() { EnableLED(); delay(1000); DisableLED(); delay(1000); } … Read more

Craftspeople at the Museum

I’m really happy to announce that the Museum der Alltagskultur (museum of everyday culture) in Waldenbuch added Craftspeople to their exhibition. It’s a game I contributed to at the Coding da Vinci Hackathon in 2019.    

Unity: Sync Objects With Music

So you want to build a rhythm game. A game that has elements moving in sync with the beat of your music. I participated in the rhythm game ‘A Jesters Tale‘ at the Nementic game jam. And it turned out it’s not as easy to sync objects with music as it seems at first glance. … Read more

A Jesters Tale

A Jesters Tale is a small rhythm game/RPG prototype that I had the pleasure to contribute to at the first Nementic Game Jam. The player character is a jester whose goal is to entertain the king. He will play for simple townspeople, at taverns or larger cities on his journey.   I will not upload … Read more

Unity: Frame by Frame Animation with Dynamic Eyes

Can you have dynamic eyes that react to the environment but at the same time use frame-by-frame animation for the body? Yes, you can do that in Unity and it’s not difficult at all. Most of the work is setting up the hierarchy of GameObjects in Unity correctly and creating the animations. The frame-by-frame animation … Read more

Unity: Comment Component

Problem Do you ever think “The GameObject setup is so weird, it should be documented” but then don’t do it? Or are you forced to insert components in strange places because Unity just can’t do it any other way? Keyword: Unity’s UI rendering order is influenced by the hierarchy.   Most of the time it … Read more

Unity: Screen Space Gizmos

Unity’s default gizmos are essential for visual debugging but can only be drawn in world space. This restriction can be rather annoying if you try to debug custom UI or viewport-based camera movement. A simple line at a specific pixel coordinate would solve the problem most of the time. There are two solutions to this … Read more