Unity: Easy Shader Property Access

There is a wide range of shaders for visual effects in games. Since the release of Shader Graph, the creation of shaders has become more accessible for non-programmers. This has raised the question: how do you set shader variables if you can’t code?   Whenever you want to set/get a shader variable you should do … Read more

Unity: Comment Component

Problem Do you ever think “The GameObject setup is so weird, it should be documented” but then don’t do it? Or are you forced to insert components in strange places because Unity just can’t do it any other way? Keyword: Unity’s UI rendering order is influenced by the hierarchy.   Most of the time it … Read more

Unity: Screen Space Gizmos

Unity’s default gizmos are essential for visual debugging but can only be drawn in world space. This restriction can be rather annoying if you try to debug custom UI or viewport-based camera movement. A simple line at a specific pixel coordinate would solve the problem most of the time. There are two solutions to this … Read more