The aMAZEing Labyrinth

A mobile adaption of the classic ‘Das verrückte Labyrinth’ by Ravensburger.   Genre: Puzzle Platform: Mobile (android, ios) Artstil: 3D Engine: Unity 3D   Year: 2021 Duration: 7 month   My Part: Artificial intelligence Pawn movement General gameplay features   All of the rules – like shifting the labyrinth and collecting treasures and secrets – … Read more

Unity: Preserve Articulation Body State

One constraint of articulation bodies is that they lose their physics state if their hierarchy changes. This behaviour manifests as snapping back to their initial configuration/position. You can find a short overview of the constraints and advantages of articulation bodies here.   Problem Changing the active state of the root articulation body is also a … Read more

Unity: Articulation Body Overview

The system was integrated for industry applications like realistic physic simulations for robotics or the training of neural networks. But it can also be used in games where a high precision physics simulation is needed. For example physics-based puzzles.   Some parts of the feature are still buggy or not completely implemented yet. Especially the … Read more

Unity: Articulation Body Documentation

I’m currently playing around with articulation bodies which were introduced in 2020.1. Some parts of the feature are still buggy or not completely implemented yet. Especially the spherical joint seems to exhibit a lot of bugs that crash Unity’s physics system and should be avoided at the moment.   Because the feature is so new … Read more

Unity: Easy Shader Property Access

There is a wide range of shaders for visual effects in games. Since the release of Shader Graph, the creation of shaders has become more accessible for non-programmers. This has raised the question: how do you set shader variables if you can’t code?   Whenever you want to set/get a shader variable you should do … Read more

Craftspeople at the Museum

I’m really happy to announce that the Museum der Alltagskultur (museum of everyday culture) in Waldenbuch added Craftspeople to their exhibition. It’s a game I contributed to at the Coding da Vinci Hackathon in 2019.    

Unity: Sync Objects With Music

So you want to build a rhythm game. A game that has elements moving in sync with the beat of your music. I participated in the rhythm game ‘A Jesters Tale‘ at the Nementic game jam. And it turned out it’s not as easy to sync objects with music as it seems at first glance. … Read more

A Jesters Tale

A Jesters Tale is a small rhythm game/RPG prototype that I had the pleasure to contribute to at the first Nementic Game Jam. The player character is a jester whose goal is to entertain the king. He will play for simple townspeople, at taverns or larger cities on his journey.   I will not upload … Read more