Aeronauts is the prototype of a settler like strategy game for mobile.


Genre: Realtime strategie

Platform: Android

Artstil: Comic 2D isometric

Engine: Unity 3D




  • Producer
  • Game Designer
  • Level Designer
  • 2 Coder
  • 4 Artist
  • 1 Composer


Year: 2016

Duration: 8 weeks

Experience: 4. semester



You are playing the crew of an airship that crashed on a flying island.

Now it’s up to you to help the crew to survive on this in hostile islands and to explore the surrounding islands to collect enough resources to build a new airship and flee! But be aware, the islands are inhabited and guarded by great anthropophagous bugs. No aeronaut that was brave enough to enter the island of the bug queen “Silva, Misstress of Bones” was ever seen again. Nobody would choose to visit this island if the bug shields were not an important part of the new airship.