Latest games

A mobile adaption of the classic Memory® game by Ravensburger.   Genre: Puzzle Platform: Mobile (android, ios) Artstil: 3D Engine:
The digital adaption of the board game Ubongo for Nintendo Switch.     Genre: Puzzle Platform: Nintendo Switch - exclusive
This is the prototype of an interactive learn-app for children created at the cultural hackathon 'Coding da Vinci Süd 2019'
Space Shop VR is an multiplayer-VR game for which you just need 1 VR-headset.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygqLtUSmv3k   Genre: Puzzle Platform:


Latest coding

Converting between the different coordinate systems of the Unity UI can be the key to a lot of cool custom
Lately, you see a lot of blog posts and news about mixed reality. This reminded me that I wrote a
Changelog 26.06.2019 Unity changed the API for calling java functions with return types. Changed ("getExternalFilesDirs", null) to ("getExternalFilesDirs", (object)null).  
A short teaser about my bachelor thesis with the titel: Generierung und Evaluierung abwechslungsreicher Gebäudekomplexe (Generation and evaluation of diverse